Behind the Glasses: All About Me

The year was 1984, the day a dreary December Monday. At 3:30 in the morning, the screaming began…and there hasn’t been an ounce of silence, since. From verbal to written, words have always held a peculiar fascination for Alizabeth Lynn, so much so that the only dream she’s ever had was to be a writer. From that glorious Kindergarten moment when she first learned the proper way to hold a pencil, to 1998 when computers offered her a new way to save the never-ending flow of story-thoughts that lived in her mind, she’s always had an idea brewing.

Her career has run the gamut from atrocious poetry, to The Book that Shall not be Named, but she lived, and she learned. Since those lessons, the first book in her Things that go Bump in the Bayou series was submitted to a small press, and accepted in May of 2015. She was also included in two anthologies, which were published independently in October 2015. Then, Crimson Bayou was officially released in March of 2016, culminating in a contract for the other five books in the series, with one to be release every March through 2021.

Alizabeth is a Northwest Louisiana native that currently calls a little West Texas town “home.” Living there with her fiancé, two children, and feline writing buddy, she balances her writing with taking care of her family, running an independent formatting company, and trying her best not to lose what’s left of her mind. Copious amounts of coffee and chocolate help, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to one simple thing: she is living her dream, in every way that matters.


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