100 Word challenge: Dream

My 100 Word Challenge:


A swirling fable of words in wine, the cadence ebbing and flowing as waves on the beach. Cascading from my eyes to the page below, the purple glow a living thing. Ink lies in glistening serpentine lines. My hands tremble as I fight to free the beast. In darkness I shudder, pulling my blankets ever higher, grasping, grasping, but the threads fall away to drift apart, shattered and broken on the cliffs of my dreams. And in the daylight, I remember nothing—nothing but the frantic beating of my heart as my ideas disappear into the vast void of sleep.


Published by

Alizabeth Lynn Author

First of all, I’m a cat. No, really—everyone who’s ever met me agrees I must be. I prefer sleeping in sunlight, hogging the keyboard, and refilling my plate before it’s anywhere near empty. When I’m pretending to be human, however, I write paranormal romance, fantasy, and a bit of horror. My style of romance is a bit on the light side, but some of the violence is almost as bad as trying to tame a wild pride of lions—bloody, disfiguring, and out-of-control. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and even still have the very first poem I ever wrote, which was around the age of six. I’ve been included in two anthologies, Nightmares: In Writer’s Retreat, and Cancer Sucks! which both came out in October, 2015, and my first novel, Crimson Bayou, the first book in the Things that go Bump in the Bayou series, was released March 8, 2016 through Burning Willow Press. A Northwest Louisiana native, I currently reside in West Texas with my loving fiancé. The wonderful man in question works his tush off so that I can stay home with our two children and follow my dream of authorship. However, when I’m not following my dreams, or reverting to my natural feline form, I can be found with my nose buried in a book, or up to my neck in dirty diapers. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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